About manufacturing Proccess

  • Company’s EU GMP approved facility produces non-sterile ointments, creams, gels and liquids in various dosage forms and formats;
  • Variable speed mixing jacketed tanks with double-sided agitation, with heating, cooling and vacuum capabilities including Homogenization & Computer controlled-manufacturing
  • Flexible production capabilities with batches from 30 l. to 1000 l.
  • High water quality(reverse osmosis) validated purified water system with tap points in every production room;
  • HEPA filtered air in all rooms were product and raw materials are exposed to the environment
  • Climate controlled and separate refrigerated warehouse space

Modern factory

  • Ruvera manufactoring facilities research, produces, tests and packs a wide variety of products for more than 30 countries.
  • The laboratory conducts research on the development of new products, creates and develops final products, optimizes the production technology of existing products, and partially performs product quality control.
  • The equipment used in the laboratory is adapted to the creation and development of a wide range of products.
  • The company’s packaging capabilities include laminate and plastic tubes, plastic and glass bottles, as well as jars(including metered dose pumps) canisters and drums. The contract manufacturing process includes bulk manufacturing, filling, quality control, and release.

Flexible packaging

We can offer customized packaging for our products

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